CBD vape pens, if you’re a seasoned professional, are one of the most sought-after products in CBD’s current industry. What makes CBD pens so amazing? Because they are portable, discreet, quick-acting, discreet, and convenient, CBD pens are a great choice. Inhaling CBD is the best way to release its relaxing effects throughout your entire body.

You’re probably already familiar with these things, but you’re still here. Perhaps you even vape CBD. If so, you may have noticed that vaping CBD is a common hobby. How do CBD vape pens work? What happens when the vapor hits your mouth after you have puffed on the device? Why that so few people bother to answer these questions? The problem is, that some CBD sellers assume you already know how to vape. We will tell you why.

The Intersection Of The CBD Industries And Vaping

In many ways, the CBD and vaping industries intersect. We have evidence that CBD is more easily absorbed when you inhale it than CBD that you consume orally. If you are going to make your own CBD vape pen, you don’t need any new technology. There is a lot of vaping hardware available, and much of it works well with CBD vape oils.

Unfortunately, some CBD sellers assume you know a lot about vaping before you buy thc seltzer. However, this assumption can be a detriment to new CBD users as many of these new users, yourself included, may not have any previous experience with vaping.

We think it’s time to rectify that. We’ll be explaining how CBD vape pens function in easy terms in this guide.

Getting Started – The Three Key Components Of A CBD Vape Pen

Let’s start with the basics. Three components are required for every CBD vape pen. The following components make up a CBD vape pen:

  • A battery that powers the device and gives you control.
  • A tank that holds CBD vape oil and then vaporizes.
  • CBD vape oils. This is the part you use when you vape.

Next, let us discuss these components more in detail.

What Does A CBD Vape Pen Battery Do?

A CBD vape pen uses heat to vape cannabis oil. Without battery power, it is impossible to generate this heat. A lithium-ion cell is a typical battery for a CBD vape pen. When fully charged, it operates at 4.2V. Three ways can batteries manage that power.

  • Fully charged direct voltage output batteries can produce 4.2 volts. They lose their voltage and vapor output as they are used.
  • Regulated batteries are still capable of charging up to 4.2 Volts. However, they are controlled to operate at a lower voltage (usually 3.7 Volts) so that their vapor production does not decrease as you use them.
  • Variable-voltage and variable-wattage batteries come with boost/buck circuits that allow you to adjust the output power and dial in your perfect vape.

How Does A CBD Vape Pen Tank Work?

Two main components make up a CBD vape tank: the reservoir as well as the atomizer coil. The reservoir holds CBD vape oil. The atomizer coil heats the oil to make it vapor. A ceramic wick, made of thick cotton or ceramic, separates the tank from the atomizer coil. It controls the flow and direction of the vape oil. Without the wick, the vape oils would flood the coil and leak out of the tank.

Here’s how CBD vaping works when you use your vape pen.

  • Inhale the liquid and press the activation button.
  • The vapor travels through a tube in the tank’s middle until it reaches your lips.
  • The tank’s vape oil absorbs more from the wick. Once the wick is saturated, the tank can be used again. Normally, refilling a vape wick only takes a few moments.